How to remember Japanese Verbs

Learning Japanese verbs (日本語の動詞)can be overwhelming. There are just so many to learn and there are so many ways to conjugate them, it can be challenging to get all the different words and rules down. The overwhelmingness may even get worse without you knowing to the point that it discourages you to continue and de-motivate your language studies. This has definitely happened to me before. “So what can I do about it?” Well, I am glad you asked! Unless you […]

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台湾入大学的方式跟澳大利亚的不一样。The Way to enter university in Taiwan is different from that in Australia.

在您的国家或者地区,高学生是怎么申请入大学的?在台湾入大学的方法跟澳大利亚的很不一样。In your country or region, how do high school students apply for the university? The ways of entering universities are different between Taiwan and Australia.

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你对台湾或者澳大利亚的学习感兴趣吗? Are you interested in studying in Taiwan or Australia?

你好! 您对台湾或者澳大利亚的学习感兴趣吗?您有没有想过要在台湾或者在澳大利亚学习呢? 您有没有想過在这两个国家之間的学习有什么不一样?

Hello! Do you have any interest in studying in either Taiwan or Australia? Have you thought about studying in Taiwan or Australia? Have you thought of what the differences are when it comes to studying in either country?

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澳大利亚叫中学,可是在台湾叫什么? Australia calls it High school, but what is it called in Taiwan?

上澳大利亚中学的时间和上台湾中学的时间一样长,都是六年的时间。可是澳大利亚中学的称呼跟台湾的不一样。The time spent studying in an Australia high school is the same as in Taiwan, which is six years. However, the naming convention for high schools in these two countries is different.

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Episode One of “Small Talk”

This is my first English blog about episode one of the podcasts from the “Small Talk in Japanese” series hosted by two young Japanese girls. I document in English what the two hosts are talking about in the episode. This is to help podcast listeners to learn what these girls are discussing in Japanese. Episode one is about 14 minutes long where the two hosts of the show introduce themselves. You may find the episode here: Episode 1. はじめまして!〜成人式(せいじんしき)って何?〜 […]

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