F**K 2021

You probably could of guessed it. 2021 has been a bit of a shit.  In the XX years that I have been alive, 2021 has presented me with great amounts of ups and downs.  To be fair, the beginning wasn’t that bad. I started the year with a new job at the university. I got paid to sit in front of my computer while mentoring students at my university, critiquing their writing and teaching them how to study. I received […]

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How to remember Japanese Verbs

Learning Japanese verbs (日本語の動詞)can be overwhelming. There are just so many to learn and there are so many ways to conjugate them, it can be challenging to get all the different words and rules down. The overwhelmingness may even get worse without you knowing to the point that it discourages you to continue and de-motivate your language studies. This has definitely happened to me before. “So what can I do about it?” Well, I am glad you asked! Unless you […]

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Episode One of “Small Talk”

This is my first English blog about episode one of the podcasts from the “Small Talk in Japanese” series hosted by two young Japanese girls. I document in English what the two hosts are talking about in the episode. This is to help podcast listeners to learn what these girls are discussing in Japanese. Episode one is about 14 minutes long where the two hosts of the show introduce themselves. You may find the episode here: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/anchor-podcasts/small-talk-in-japanese/e/58157172 Episode 1. はじめまして!〜成人式(せいじんしき)って何?〜 […]

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