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I truly love the delivering system in Japan.  It is by far the most well organised and well-mannered systems I have experienced.  I come from Australia, so mail delivery is always between the hours that are most convenient for the delivery man.  Should you not be at home, there is no problem, because the delivery man will leave you a slip saying you HAVE to pick up your package at the local post office.  The Japanese delivery system is not the same.  Should you miss the package that is sent to your apartment, the delivery person will live you a slip informing you that the delivery was attempted at what time and failed.  The slip not just has a date to inform you how long the post office will keep the package til, but also it has a number which you can call to ask for the package to be delivered at another time that is best for you.  I don’t just love the level of service that is provided to the receiver customer, but the extent they go to.  I say this because should you not take any action within (24 hours let’s say) the next day, the delivery person will put another slip in your box to remind you of that package.  This is what I called customer service!! Australia Post and other delivery services need to step it up if they want to be true competitors in the market.
I recently experienced this level of service with packages that were sent over by my mother and also from my friends back in Oz.  I want to especially mention that my dear friends from Brisbane sent me the most wonderful birthday gifts I would ever ask for.  One was from WP.  It was a photo book designed as episodes books of the many many many things we had been through and random moments we had shared over the past couple of years.  When I opened the book, I was in complete shock because I just could not believe that I was seeing.  I am not entirely sure if you can imagine it but it was pages covered with little textbooks that had a date and explanations of what crazy or special moment we had shared on that day.  A full two years worth of textbooks with various beautiful photos that I had taken with my friends.  Thank you, WP.  I was completed speechless when I saw the present.  I will not try to describe how I felt when I saw it apart from being shocked – of course in a good way.  It was an amazing gift and I will treasure it.
 The other precious gift was sent by my dear friend LL.  She sends me a whole box of Australian snacks and nibbles! All which I love to eat.  Thank you so much for sending these snacks and nibbles over.  It had only been a few weeks in Japan, but I had somewhat started craving for snacks back time.  Do not get me wrong and I am not saying that snacks in Japan are bad.  There are way too many options to choose in Japan.  However, home snacks are different.  They have a special place and I am so so lucky to have received this gift.  Thank you so so much, LL.  It made my day!
It is a wonderful thing to receive these great gifts from my friends in Oz.  Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be so lucky to have been the person who received these gifts.  All I want to say is thanks, guys.
PS: I wrote this article back a few weeks ago, and apologize for not having posted this earlier!
[ reference – the featured picture of this post is from happyfriendshipday.co.in]

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