Happy 3-Month Anniversary

Today marks the day where I have lived in Japan for 3 months.

Time sure does fly by when you are having fun and enjoying new adventures.  My time so far has definitely not been without obstacles.  Every day is a new adventure.  Every day is a new challenge.  Every day I learn some more about this new place I am living in.  Cheers for all the ALTs for surviving this far.

I have already heard a few friends here getting asked by their Board of Education (BOE) whether they would like to stay on board for longer. It is unbelievable to be asked such a question when we all just arrived a barely 3-months ago. Hypothetically speaking, based on our contract, we have 9 more months till it ends. It is a year by year contract after all. But for me, I am here for the long run. I didn’t come here for a one-year stint. I have barely scratched the surface for this new country and only just started to build my new life! There is just so much more to learn, enjoy and indulge! No chance calling the quits on this.

For now, Happy 3-month Anniversary!! Here’s to more good times ahead 🙂

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