Apartment, Kitchen and Space

I finally managed to get time to post about my apartment in Japan.  It is a cute little apartment in a relatively new complex that is close to my school.  I was quite surprised with the space when my predecessor shared photos with me.  Compared to the apartments I have seen for my other friends who work in Tokyo or closer to Tokyo, this apartment is absolute heaven.  Here are some photos:

I didn’t need to buy much furniture for it was already available because of my predecessor.  I paid for the bed, dining table and washing machine; and got the rest for free.  I may be a bit far away from Tokyo, but a 1.5-hour train ride isn’t typically bad.  I get space and I find that is very important.  Having seen some of my friend’s apartments who live in Tokyo, I seriously cannot imagine myself living in such a small space for the long term.  It is most definitely a big difference in housing space that someone would get when living in Australia.

The kitchen is a bit small and I have no oven to continue my love for baking.  I have been told that it is possible to purchase a portable oven as a few hundred man yen – a few hundred dollars – hence, that definitely understands consideration.  My gas stove is a bit interesting.  I am happy it is gas, but it does tend to switch itself off when the stove detaches itself reaching a certain temperature.  It is actually annoying because at times I want to cook some Asian dishes and the fire would suddenly turn itself off.

Overall, the apartment is not bad at all. For 500 Man yen a month, and the amount of space I get compared to my friends; I am not complaining. This is my home now, and I love it!

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