Happy Straya Day 2016

Today marks the 6 month anniversary since I came landed in Japan.  How time passes by when you are having fun.  Australia Day is a little of a funny celebration I feel because it is actually the day where my home country Australia started by having convicts shipped from Europe.  So, all in all, it is like a day we are celebrating the convicts getting shipped off shore to another land so that the motherland, UK, did not need to take care of them.  Very odd yet interesting I guess.  These days, we celebrate Australia Day by turning on the good-ol’ barbie and put on some steak or sausages while drinking chilled beer.  An Australian would do all of this no without listening to the great hottest 100 hits on triple J.  I do indeed miss all this. Particularly given that I am now living in a country where when I exhale, I can see my breathe because of how cold it is in January.   I sit here while I write this post having my legs hidden beneath a table that heats up – tis called a Kontatsu and it is a miracle worker.

To all my friends and family back home, I hope you all had a wonderful Australia Day.  I celebrated by challenging my students with tongue twisters and marking 3rd year compositions and essays.  All fun and games indeed, but at the very least, I did enjoy this day.   Happy 6-month Anniversary to my mates who are on this Japan adventure with me and again, Happy Straya Day to folks back home!  I leave you with a recent photo I took of Matsumoto Castle at Matsumoto City, Nagano.

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