Black Friday

Friday is usually my favourite day of the week.  I would dare to say it is the same for many people as well.  What’s not to love about Friday? It is the last day of the long week. It is the day before the weekend.  It is the day where anyone could go out drinking and past out for literally two days and feel ok when returning back into work for the following week. Ain’t Fridays great? In most cases, I would definitely say so.

I have never been superstitious person.  When I realised that it was the 13th today, I very easily said to my colleague that it’s Black Friday and it’s going to be a day where “something” is going to happen.  I said it as a joke at the time.  However, today, it was more of a Black Friday for me.  My story which is to come next really touched my heart today and made me think how fragile things can be.

Early afternoon today, I saw the tiniest and cutest little thing sitting on the concrete close to one of the doorways of the school buildings I work in.  Just passing by to make my way to another building, I catch my eye on this little birdy.   First when I saw it, I thought “No way.  It can’t be.”  I moved closer.  It only moved a little but I realised it was a real baby bird churning.   It was just sitting there on the concrete by itself.  It seemed a little startled or shaken.  My guess is it may have lost its parents or somehow dropped on the ground from its nesting home.  I was at a lost and instinctively picked it up with my hands to see if it was ok.  It was so tiny, soft and yet fragile. The bird was so young that it still didn’t know how to fly let alone find food or survive itself.  At the moment, having it sitting in my hands, it seemed to be the most beautiful thing in the world.  I wanted to try and find its nest. I wanted to see where it’s mother bird was.  I had a few ideas but I just couldn’t put this little buddy down and leave it.  Coincidentally, the IT department teacher walked by and I showed him what I had found.  He warned that there are cats in the area.  Hearing that, I just couldn’t bring myself to just leave it somewhere.  After a little talking, we decided to find a small box to put the bird in. I shredded some newspaper and placed the little guy in the box filled with newspapers.  We left the box on a steady tree branch in hope that it will keep him warm until his mum comes to his rescue.  I showed this little buddy to one of my other colleagues and he said the best thing we can do for him has been done.  We can’t take him in because that may result to him not being able to return to nature. I left school for the day feeling disheartened but some teachers who remained at school said they would continue keeping on eye out for him. Around 7:48pm, I received shocking news.  I got a message from my teacher that the little birdy didn’t make it. I know I tried my best, as well as other teachers, to save him. However, the fact that he still died remains.  Such fragility. I don’t know what else I could of done to help it.  My teachers buried it under the tree of the parking lot.  I plan to pay my respects to this little one once I get back into the office.  Beautiful Friday still? Not so much for me today.

So there you have it.  Welcome to my sad Black Friday.  To have such a little thing in your hand is so beautiful, but once life lives its body, all that is left is an empty shell.  I am not writing this memory because I feel all dark and twisted about this situation and at a lost.  No.  I am writing this memory because I want to remember this moment.   I want to remember how tiny and beautiful the little bird was.  I want to remember how something so fragile and sweet can bring so many of us together and want to help him.  It may not have worked out as we planned, but we tried.  I will always remember the feeling of having him in my human hands.   I hope little birdy is at a better place than where he was.   RIP little birdy.  I will always remember who perfect you sat in my palm churning.

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