About me

Hello. My name is Jenny. Originally from the lovely Bris-vegas, I am Asian but 100% Australian- born and bred. I classify myself as three main things.

First, I am a travel addict. I travel when I can, wherever I can. Travel has been a huge part of my life since a young age. I love going on adventures to explore new places, embrace cultural experiences and learning new languages.

Second is I am a tough food critic. Or is it picky eater? Hmm. I grew up in a huge Asian family with three chefs. So, food is not just food. Growing up, I’ve learnt it is a work of art where you don’t simply consume food. I learnt to understand and build an appreciation in the process of making a dish, understand the involved ingredients and analyse each bite offered from the dish.

Third and final, I am a photographer hobbyist. I love to take snaps of things that surround and interest me. I see photos as a method to make others jealous of my freedom to travel and see the world.

This is a place where I share my stories, my travels and what I see through the camera.