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你好! 您对台湾或者澳大利亚的学习感兴趣吗?您有没有想过要在台湾或者在澳大利亚学习呢? 您有没有想過在这两个国家之間的学习有什么不一样?

Hello! Do you have any interest in studying in either Taiwan or Australia? Have you thought about studying in Taiwan or Australia? Have you thought of what the differences are when it comes to studying in either country?

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上澳大利亚中学的时间和上台湾中学的时间一样长,都是六年的时间。可是澳大利亚中学的称呼跟台湾的不一样。The time spent studying in an Australia high school is the same as in Taiwan, which is six years. However, the naming convention for high schools in these two countries is different.

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First, we will talk about how the academic year for Taiwan’s elementary, junior, and senior high school differs from Australia.

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私は旅行するのが大好きです。 一年に一二回海外を旅行します。日本でよく一人旅をして、色々な所に行ったことがあります。今まで、日本に5回も行ったことがあります。また、日本に住んだことがあります。日本は私の国, オーストラリアとずいぶん違うので、びっくりしましたが、いちばんびっくりしたのは日本の電車です。

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Bali Temple Mystery – To sarong or not to Sarong?

Do I need to wear a sarong? This is a question that all tourists will ask over and over again when going to a temple in Bali.  People get confused and wonder what other dress codes and rules there are specific for females and males. I wanted to share my thoughts and experience in this regards from a recent trip to Bali. For starters, I will say that the dress code rules vary base on the temple being visited. I dare say […]

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My Authentic Getaway to South Asia

Close your eyes and imagine hills of verdurous rice paddies, clear blue beaches and colourful vibrate coral reefs waiting to be explored by you.  Now imagine sweating it out at a meditating yoga class and feeling fully refreshed afterwards.  To help loosen up the tension in the muscles, a luxuriate massage session is waiting for you by the resort pool.  Sounds amazing? Bali is a small yet an exotic island that encapsulates all these things.  Its exoticness is exactly the […]

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