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Close your eyes and imagine hills of verdurous rice paddies, clear blue beaches and colourful vibrate coral reefs waiting to be explored by you.  Now imagine sweating it out at a meditating yoga class and feeling fully refreshed afterwards.  To help loosen up the tension in the muscles, a luxuriate massage session is waiting for you by the resort pool.  Sounds amazing? Bali is a small yet an exotic island that encapsulates all these things.  Its exoticness is exactly the reason why so many people travel there – for the so-called authentic relax paced holiday in South Asia. Cocktails and […]

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You can now go see some of the photos I have taken during my visit to Hiroshima and Miyajima Island.  Welcome to use the menu or click on this link:

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I have finally gotten around to uploading the photos I took during my travels in Gunma early this year.  The photos were taken during the plum blossom season which is around January to early or mid March in Japan. Apart from the featured image of this post, this is also one of my favourites: Make sure to check out more photos I uploaded under “Photos” > “Gunma“.

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During the end of August to early September, schools in Japan go on summer vacation. My workplace, a Japanese high school, was no exception (although, most students and teachers continue to linger around school for extra classes and extra curriculum activities – aka school club activities). Luckily for me, my job role did not bind me to any work commitments of the sort.  Not sure whether it was the travel bug or the stress built up from work, but I had to go for another holiday to unwind. Together with my friend, A, we booked flights and headed on our […]

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Before work began getting hectic for the new school year, I headed off on a trip to Hong Kong and Korea.  It was a 10-day trip with my friend, A. The purpose of the trip was to relax and get away from work.  There was also another goal we had for the trip: and that was to eat! Hong Kong Our first stop was Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is a place I had always considered as my second home. My dad moved from Hong Kong to Australia in 1982.  My first trip to Hong Kong was when I was four. […]

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