Beginning In Asia – End of 2008

Til today, I remember the time when it was approaching mid November of my final semester at University.  I remember I had just finished my final exam for my degree and a full-time job following graduation was already in the pipeline.  I was a little lost however.  I wanted to see the world just that little more before full-time work kicked in.  So, I set for a trip to China and Hong Kong.

It just so worked out that at the time, I had interviewed for a short-term exchange program where I would travel to Xia-men for two weeks.  The place I was to visit was Xia-men University.  The objective of the trip was to act as a Student Ambassdor and help promote the Mathematics degree that was offered by my university.

Coincidentally, I found out that I had been successfully selected to be a participate for the program that same afternoon following after my final exams. I was stoked! This was the second international trip I had been given to travel for university and it was going to be a blast.  Some reason when I was booking my flights (originally planned to return after two-weeks), I asked the STA travel agency what would be the price difference if I were to extend the return date to 3 months later.  The answer I got was: “No different”.  Based on that answer, I told the agency to booked my flights with a return date 3-months after the two-week program.  I had no idea what I was going to do at the time, but I knew I was heading to China and Hong Kong.

Today, I look back at some of the photos I took during that trip.  Some moments I remember, others not so much.  But overall, I recall it being a great trip. I was traveling alone and it was my first time to officially go overseas for an extensive time by myself.  It was a big deal. Or so I recall.  I wish I could travel for that same extended amount of time and discover a part of the world that I have not yet seen.

<<Pictures coming soon>>