Goodbyes are not easy

Today is a sad day for me. More frankly, it is an emotional, gratified day, but mostly sad. After 5 weeks of being together, today, I had to say goodbye to little kittens Mille and Rosie.

Don’t jump to any conclusions. No, they didn’t die or anything. I am sad because I had to give them back to RSPCA. I am sad because I will not ever see them again. I am sad because they have grown up and are ready to move onto the next phase of their life: finding a cozy forever home.

To watch something so little, barely weighing 650 grams each, to develop their own personalities and reach double the size under your own care is an amazing thing.

It wasn’t easy saying bye bye to them. I have had shed a few tired after I dropped them off at the shelter today. ><

These kittens are smart, attention seeking, affectionate and very sweet. I really hope these little ones will find a loving, caring family to look after them. XX

Our First meeting

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